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Welcome to Operation Theater

"It's only Paranoia if I'm wrong. I can handle being wrong, but if I'm right I'm screwed!" Bastian Weber is a weird geeky jitterbug, a punching bag for everyone, but his life turned upside down when he met Izrael and Claudius, two strange guys who are living at his attic... [CONTAINS BL/GL, sexual confusions, comedy, drama, gore, horror, blood, some bondage, crazy people and lots of shit XD] So if you like weird people, unprecedented fights, Nerds/Geeks, friendship and a hero who gets mortally injured on a daily basis, get some snacks and look forward to "Operation Theater"! P.s. - I'm pretty bad at sticking with genres, so this is supposed to be a bloody comedy with added drama and lot's of gay jokes :I P.p.s. - It's not porn



Hey guys!
Big news, the fanservice site is on now!

You can find it at the page header next to "Cast" which is going to be
updated soon too :D

The first image is a request of pleasingMOFO,
requests are open for everyone just ask me
Schizo-and-Phrenic, June 30th, 2011, 5:16 pm 0 comments

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