16 Trespassing for beginners


April 25th, 2011, 7:51 pm

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Okaaaay~ I'll use this space to answer muse13's comment which was:

"This has potential, but is really brought down because there are just a bunch of tricks that you are stealing from manga. I'd suggest that you work in a sketchbook for a little more and when you have outgrown these silly tricks, come back with a better comic."

First of all, thank you ^^
I appreciate every critique I can get, and you're right I'm greatly influenced by mangas, 'cause I'm reading them for a long time now. But to be honest I don't really get what you mean by "silly tricks" and I won't abandon this comic because of something like that :I
I don't mean to justify myself or anything but this comic will getting better with time and so will I ^^

Love you guys <3
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I think your comic looks awesome and I'm very excited where it's going to go from here :D. And don't worry about the "silly tricks" comment. At least you have the balls to actually take some time to make a comic and upload it for people to see knowing that some may criticize you. I want to upload stuff but I freak out and never do (nervous wreck when it comes to my own art ^^). So please, keep up with the comic, I think it is wonderful and lovely, but from the gory header and chapter page I'm sure it'll be a lot more darker than what it seems now :)

Excited meep!

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