22 Paranoid much?


May 19th, 2011, 8:20 pm

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I fell asleep over a book once and started drooling on the pages... that wasn't half as funny as it may sound XD
I worked on the full color cover of the next chapter this night and almost forgot that I had this page to upload, next page is the last of the prolouge, yaaay!

God, I can't believe I've already passed +100 fans! Almost nothing happened so far and still! You guys are s awesome <3 *hugs you*


I've got an alarm clocl that rings so loud it makes me jump out of my skin everytime, but as soon as I turned it off I fell asleep again XD

D'aww thank you! Must be his huge scared eyes, everytime I look it him I want to adopt a kitten XD
Bakuman is so awesome <3

Uncle Robin is such an angry man XD I don't even want him to be he just is it!
I'll say nothing the solution is in the next chapter >:D

PS. - Did you ever noticed that there are two asses in 'Ass-ass-sin'? I just did XD (Boy I need some sleep)
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