9 Principal prick


July 9th, 2011, 8:52 pm

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Oh woe, Bastian is surrounded by jerks! D:
Virgel! Buttom up your shirt! You look like a hooker! >:D


Thank you! *hugs* Drawing it was really fun! Any Idea for another one? X)
Yay, shiping is love! Theire pairing song would probably be "pretend to be nice" by josie and the pussycats XD

@Blue Electric Fish
Thank you 3 times! :D

You can always aks me if you don't get something! :)
Oh boy more like freakshow attitude to the EXTREME XD

@Vindictive bassoon
Hahaha indeed! He isn't used to it XD
Schizo-and-Phrenic, July 9th, 2011, 8:49 pm Reply
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Wat a horrible thing for a principal to do
Those bastards *tongue. Sticking out* u know those 2 should get together heeheehee
HAHAH!! Awe Yaoigirl09 you beat me to it they do look like they would make a nice couple.

*pushes toy money up front* I bet Virgel is gay!! If not where is a guy who looks just like that for me???
Sir, please button up you shirt...

Love. This. Comic. I hope you update soon. :)
Uwah!~~ I'ld me honored to email you again! And I love this page. xD That bully has, like ONE button fixed on his shirt. wtf? Isn't it raining? Oh....I get it now! The dude with his shirt all open (Virgel) wants Ruben to notice his hard yaoi nipples in the rain. lolz ultimate plan.
LOLOLOL They look so gay.

Can't wait to see what Bastian does~

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