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July 23rd, 2011, 7:06 pm

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Lol, Mr. Dover is a wonderful teacher isn't he? XD
Writing thone fighting dialogues was pretty fun :D

6 different people who appear all in all 15 times on 1 page NEVER AGAIN!
Seriously guys this page nearly killed me! I needed more than the double amount of time to get this done and it has a total lack of backgrounds anyway ;_;

The Girls next to Q.T. are Sabiene (left) and Kiraz (right) Those three go mostly by their nicknames, which are:

Quentin T. - "Q.T." (pronouced like "cutey")

Sabine - "Biene" or "Bienchen" (Biene is the german word for Bee)

Kiraz - "Keks" (german for biscuit)


"cutie" is right^^ and I never liked that in animes people have pink or green hair "naturally". Virgel simply dyed his hair cotton candy pink, because the girls he's dating think it's cute XD

I'm glad XD
my sis asked me about it too then she readed the page, but got it promptly as she said it out loud :D

That was exactly the point! XD
Thanks for the nice words, I'm really glad to red that ^^ 'cause I have the habit to make thinks more complicated than they should ^^;
UI will di my best <3
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I really hate girls that suck up 4 a guy just cuz of money
O, I love the teacher already.

Five digital cookies bets that sneeze came from Bastian.
Lol. QT's got his own littl girl possie. Nice. XD
Haha "wanker paws" I'm gonna use that one XD

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