16 Should's and shouldn'ts


August 15th, 2011, 6:09 pm

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Aw,the sky cleared up but Q.T's all gloomy D:>

The weather here is driving me crazy, yesterday the rain just didn't stopped, and I really mean it, it rained non-stop for hours, but today it was hot again.

By the way I sketched out a few more pages so I hope I can update on a regular basis again °v°


I won't lie, Quentin is gayer than a glitter covered flamingo in hotpants XD

It's been a pleasure
and thanks :D
Schizo-and-Phrenic, August 15th, 2011, 6:45 pm Reply
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youre very welcome :3 oh oh also i drew you some fan art :D http://www.iscribble.net/gallery/picture181566-Bastian-Weber.html hope you like it ^^

LOL it would have been awesome if QT did slap him
whoa Keks is taller than Bastian o.o
I'm glad i came back to smackjeeves to find all these updates.
you make me a happy fan!
LOL!!! thanks for telling me (refering to the responce)
Dude, I absolutely love sketching your characters..
I feel like Q.T like the pink haired guy

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