23 Shit


September 22nd, 2011, 7:33 pm

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Lot's of replys!!! ^^

Yes after every step he glides a little, vuz he's fast like that BD
I hope you recover from the spazzes the vote picture gave you ;D

I agree in both:D
after Bastian got into more EXTREM situations he wouldn't freak out that fast (and I really liked that innuendo XD)

A ninja who never heard of personal space XD

looks like fun :D

Mainstream logic is overruled,let's stick to our own it's more fun this way XD

Scary D:

Me too, such a high pain limit would be super awesome! I would cuss so much then ^^;

@Sunny Ray
I know he don't suffer enough >XD

I don't know maybe is is?
I do like to hurt him, and so do the villains of this comic, but for real S&M Bastian would have to enjoy it XD
Schizo-and-Phrenic, September 22nd, 2011, 6:07 pm Reply
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thats awesome 8D and lol yes I'm fine now xD

aw Izrael can be so cute xD
and i like Bastian's face in that last panal
lol Izrael is so cute XD "wasn't me!" so adorable! I wants to glomps him!
It wasn't him!
"Wasn't me I swear he was like this wen I found him. I think he's realy adorable. Can I have him"
Awwww they look so cute together! >W< Like two little lost puppies.
i have no real reason to comment as my thoughts are posted in the above comments..

i still wanna say it
'Tis Adowable! xD
"Wasn't me!"
I bet that's cladius,just by how it seemed to be yelled out...and no one else knows about izzy other than Bastian and Cladius

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