26 resurrecting hurts


June 9th, 2012, 6:21 pm

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I already wondered if some of you couldn't bear any more of Bastians misery XD
And no, I didn't resurrected him because you were sad, it was planned long beforehand but I'm so touched that you all suffered with him and had so much sympathy <3

P.s. rising from the death fucking hurts ಠ_ಠ


Author Powers activated! X)
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I LIEK TURTLES hallelujah!
praise the lord.. He Has Risen From The Dead! ~(0v0)~
poor baby ;A; i wunna hug him and make his pain go wai TT^TT Dont get me wrong- im happy hes back to life. but hes in paiinnn DD;
Please stop his pain soon</3
HE LIVES! I don't want him to be in pain for too much longer, though. Po' baby T_T
C.S Kinda makes sense though for it to hurt, even if he wasn't dead long his heart pretty much kick started itself...is he like those people from Superhuman or what?
P.S love love love love this comic
Tears of joy are falling down my face right now Thank You!Q,Q
<3 I swear this is the best comic on this cite :D
Huuuurrrraaaaaaay!!! 8D he's alive! Awesome! wonder how the others will react to him rising from the dead... Maybe Asrael will take an interest in him as in: "yay, a torture toy who will not break!" or something O.O ... well, I'm still glad he's not dead :3
i knew you were alive!
Praise the plastic ponies he lives! Poor kid, but it will be worth the pain in the end.
I knew he'd come back eventually
but still.. I wonder how he survived a bullet to the head o.O
god that must not be comfortable in the least bit, but at least he ain't dead.
Nothing happens without a reason :D
Don't worry, everything will be explained at the right time.
It's important to me that the readers know as much as the hero ^^
The dangers of high blood pressure.

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