30 Getting worse


June 16th, 2012, 5:48 pm

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I wanted to post this sooner today but I had to work earlier
my boss makes me work on saturdays for over 3 weeks in a row now Q__Q

I hope this page makes it clearer who was holding the picture ^^
It was meant to be a transition because we're changing persons and places really fast right now, but don't worry we are with Bastian again now ^^
Schizo-and-Phrenic, June 16th, 2012, 4:24 pm Reply
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Yay, an update! ^^ what will happen now?! O.o
aw poor Bastian ;~; he looks so tired (course I don't blame him after the day he's had)
pff I got a bad feeling about what's about to happen xU
They better not be talking bad about my Batsian! >:u
So did the shot just scrap his head?
Nope, right in the head :)
the bullet still stucks somethere inside ^^
Sigh Ewwww! on the last comment...
I bet they are talking about his nervous disease I doubt they know about him dying yet, unless there was an accident at some point during his life.
.... plz dont make bambi sadder!
Old score? Did he beat you in DDR? I guess that spazzing can come in handy...

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